GreenCriminology.org is the homepage of the International Green Criminology Working Group, and a resource on Green Criminology for everyone. We offer a wide variety of environmental resources for research, teaching, publication, students, and more.

What is Green Criminology?

An approachable, comprehensive introduction for those new to the field. Also see our ever-expanding dictionary of environmental acronyms and terms.


What We Offer…

Academic Resources

View a wide variety of academic resources. Our “Conference Presentations” page gives you information on presentations at upcoming conferences and downloads of past presentations. Our “Teaching Materials” page provides sample coursework for educators, and our “College Programs” page gives students information on Green Criminology courses offered at Universities and Colleges around the world.

Green Criminology Events

The GreenCriminology.org database of Conference Papers and Presentations contains a collection of announcements for papers and presentations that will be given at future conferences related to Green Criminology.

Or view our interactive calendar to see details on upcoming conferences, environmental protests, the IGCWG Monthly schedule, and more. Events and details may be added on request.

Environmental Links

View our compiled database of links for the EPA, Sourcebook, and other agencies – currently over 15 nations available.

Monthly Archive

View our archive of all the past issues of the Green Criminology Monthly.


Read and join in on discussions with all our members.

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We also have a blog of environmental news and original publication, and a dictionary of terms related to Green Criminology. View the navigation bar at the top of the page to see everything we have to offer.