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October 2012

Watch the Presentations From the First ESRC Green Criminology Research Seminar

The first of six ESRC sponsored Green Criminology Research Seminar’s took place on October 20th at Northumbria University. This seminar, titled “Green Criminology; Theories and Concepts”, covered the recent evolution of Green Criminology as a field of study. Presentations were given by two International Green Criminology Working Group members at the seminar. Dr. Nigel South presented on “the historical evolution of theories and concepts of green criminology as well as the contemporary formulations that this emerging field addresses.” Dr. Avi Brisman also gave a presentation on the interdisciplinary nature of green criminology and how that contributes to its strength.

Both presentations are available in full in video form below. You can view and download their presentations at the ESRC site here.

Pro Vice Chancellor Nigel South

Dr Avi Brisman

The next seminar in the ESRC Green Criminology Research Seminar Series will take place in February 2013 at Glamorgan University, in Cardiff, Whales. Registration will begin later this year with a small fee (~£10). More information is available here.

We would like to thank the ESRC for providing t…

ESRC Green Crime Seminar Series

We would like to announce a new seminar series led by four IGCWG members and Matthew Hall:

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Green Criminology Research Seminar Series led by Dr Tanya Wyatt of Northumbria University, Dr Gary Potter of London Southbank University, Dr Angus Nurse of Birmingham City University, Dr Matthew Hall of University of Sheffield and Pro Vice Chancellor Nigel South of University of Essex.

The UK based series consists of five half-day seminars and one 2-day mini-conference. The seminars will take place every term until August 2014 in different locations around the country. They will each have two invited speakers depending on the topic. It is not possible to cover all the facets, so the series will focus primarily on: 1.) Green Criminology Theories and Concepts; 2.) Wildlife and Timber Trafficking; 3.) Animal Abuse and Wildlife Crime; 4.) Hazardous Waste and Pollution; and 5.) Environmental Law and Regulation. The July 2014 mini-conference will have sessions on each of these themes and time devoted to those aspects of Green Criminology not covered elsewhere in the series, such as methodological challenges, environmental conflict, and bio-piracy. The final conference will also have a session devoted to plans for future collaborative research, publications, and an annual conference.

The first seminar is on October 20th, 2012 at Northumbria University. This seminar is titled ‘Green Criminology: Theories and Concepts’ and will feature two keynote speakers as well as time for networking and discussion. Dr. Avi Brisman, School of Justice Studies, Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University (US) and Professor Nigel South, Sociology, Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Essex will explore the analytical and theoretical strands of green criminological thought such as environmental, ecological, and species justice, which help to define the field and set it apart from mainstream criminology.

General attendance is welcom…

The Green Criminology Monthly #2 – October 2012

Welcome to the second publication of The Green Criminology Monthly. Written and reviewed by the members of the International Green Criminology Working Group, The Green Criminology Monthly is a source of original research and publication on green criminology, environmental crime, and other issues concerning criminology. Each month a issue of this publication will be posted to our blog.

This article was written by Melissa Jarrell, a member of the IGCWG who attended last month’s Environmental Crime and its Victims conference in the Netherlands. In this month’s issue she provides a overview of the presentations and themes that were present at the conference and what it means for Green Criminology. is hosting the Book of Abstracts and presentations from this year’s Environmental Crime and its Victims Conference- including the presentations mentioned in this article. If you would like to view these presentations in their original form for further reference please visit our Conferences Papers and Presentations database. A sincere thanks goes to the conference organizers for providing these resources.

The article is available below in its full form, and is also available as a downloadable PDF and DOC file on our Monthly Archive Page.

Overview of Environmental Crime and its Victims Conference in Delft, Netherlands
Melissa Jarrell
Department of Social Sciences
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

September 17-18: Environmental Crime and its Victims Conference in Delft, Netherlands


A great big THANK YOU to the conference organizers: Toine Spapens, Rob White, and Marieke Kluin as well as our hosts: Delft University of Technology and the Police Academy of the Netherlands! To read about the conference, view photos, and review conference abstracts, go to:


This international conference brought together approximately eighty academics and…

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