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The Green Criminology Monthly #8 – April 2013 – Green Criminology in Action

Welcome to the eighth issue of The Green Criminology Monthly by the IGCWG. Written and reviewed by the members of the International Green Criminology Working Group, The Green Criminology Monthly is a source of original research and publication on green criminology, environmental crime, and other issues concerning criminology. Each month a issue of this publication will be posted to our blog.

The article is available below in its full form, and is also available as a downloadable PDF file on our Monthly Archive Page.

Green Criminology in Action
Melissa L. Jarrell
School of Social Sciences
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

This entry is adapted from a forthcoming book chapter: Jarrell, Melissa L. and Ozymy, Joshua. “Communities as Victims of Environmental Crime: Lessons from the Field” for the Delft conference on Environmental Crime and its Victims and an invited talk: “Toxic Crimes and Environmental Injustice: Research in the Sacrifice Zones”, sponsored by Colorado State University, Department of Sociology.

Researchers engaging in green criminological research and activists fighting for the environment and public health must take into consideration several challenges inherent in these pursuits. For one, the immediate consequences of an environmental offense may not appear obvious or severe. People may not become sick from exposure to toxic pollution, for example, for decades after their exposure. Consequently, green crime does not fit most people’s perceptions of crime. Researchers must be prepared for the complexities associated with green crime research. It is possible to change public conceptions about certain issues but not without extensive time and effort. For example, we can look to the political and public attitudes toward smoking that have changed significantly since the 1960s, when the Surgeon General reported on the health hazards associated with smoking cigarettes. Numerous studies have shown that cigarett…

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