“Emerging Issues in Green Criminology” Now Available Worldwide

We are proud to announce that Emerging Issues in Green Criminology: Exploring Power, Justice, and Harm is now available worldwide.

Emerging Issues in Green Criminology is an edited collection, examining the role of green criminology throughout the world and the social and criminological implications of environmental harm. “The book unifies transnational debates in environmental law, policy and justice, and in doing so examines international agreements and policy within diverse environmental discourses of sociology, criminology and political economy.”

Emerging Issues in Green Criminology: Exploring Power, Justice, and Harm contains contributions from over 10 members of the IGCWG, making it a truly collaborative effort of scholars studying environmental harm. has partnered with Palgrave Publishing to provide 20% off the paperback edition of the book. Just enter “WGRECR2013a” during checkout when ordering online from (US Customers use this link).

Michael J. Lynch, IGCWG Member, gives the book a strong endorsement:

“Emerging Issues in Green Criminology is an important collection of work that helps move the discussion of green criminology toward fuller recognition of the role power plays in the construction of green crime, their commissions, and the legal and nonlegal responses to those crimes and harms. The result is a work that will become the foundation for expanding the theoretical analysis of power within green criminology, and making power analysis central to green criminological analysis.”
- Michael J. Lynch, University of South Florida, USA

“Emerging Issues in Green Criminology is an essential source for students, scholars and policy makers in this rapidly growing area of criminology, as well as environmental studies more broadly. The international range of contributors include Lieselot Bisschop (University College Ghent, Belgium), Avi Brisman (Eastern Kentucky University, USA), Matthew Hall (University of Sheffield, UK), M.H.A Kluin (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands), Olga Knight (University of Colorado, Denver, USA), Peter Martin (Queensland University of Technology, Australia), Hanneke Mol (University of Kent, UK and Utrecht University, Netherlands), Angus Nurse (Birmingham City University, UK), Ragnhild Sollund (University of Oslo, Norway), Nigel South (University of Essex, UK), Paul B. Stretesky (University of Colorado, Denver, USA), Gudrun Vande Walle (University College Ghent, Belgium) and Rob White (University of Tasmania,

To purchase the book, please visit (US Customers use this link). Enter “WGRECR2013a” during checkout for a 20% discount on the paperback copy of the book from

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