Special Critical Criminology Issue With New Green Crim Article

Critical Criminology Journal CoveA special issue of “Critical Criminology” contains a new article by Vincenzo Ruggiero and ICGWG member Nigel South titled “Green Criminology and Crimes of the Economy: Theory, Research and Praxis”, that we are very excited to announce.

“This paper describes several key developments and dimensions in the field of ‘green criminology’ and discusses some of the relevant debates and controversies arising. It then outlines overlaps and connections with other areas of work within critical criminology. The central focus of the paper is on crimes of the economy as they affect the environment and a substantive, illustrative case study is provided on environmental crimes and harms asso- ciated with the oil industry. The paper concludes with some critical observations on where directions in theory, policy and practice may need to turn in a post-growth world.”

A sample of the article is available here (click “Look Inside”).

The entire issue and articles are available for purchase online here, with free samples of each article.

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