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September 2013

“Visual” Green Criminology? – The Green Criminology Monthly #13 – September 2013

Thank you to everyone who has read, written, and contributed to the Green Criminology Monthly since our debut in September of last year. This article by Chris J. Moloney is our 13th release and marks our first year as an online journal. Each month we publish an issue of The Green Criminology Monthly, written and edited by members of the International Green Criminology Working Group.

The Green Criminology Monthly is a source of original research and publication on green criminology, environmental crime, and other issues concerning criminology.

The article is available below in its full form, and is also available as a downloadable PDF file on our Monthly Archive Page.

“Visual” Green Criminology?
Some thoughts on the future of green crime studies
Christopher J. Moloney
Center for the Study of Crime and Justice
Department of Sociology
Colorado State University


In this edition of the Green Criminology Monthly, I suggest that green criminologists begin thinking about the future of the discipline and its role in our modern “green” culture. Since green criminologists are, by definition, positioned at a crossroads of highly relevant topical research spanning the realms of crime, harm, victimization and the environment, it seems only fitting that they seek novel ways for conducting their research and conveying their findings to others. In addition to some other considerations green criminologists might keep in mind as the discipline moves forward, I discuss how adopting visual methods into green crime research projects might be especially useful for expanding our knowledge of green crimes. I hope, once again, to provide some “food-for-thought” for both established scholars and those new to the discipline.

The Importance of Green and Green Criminology

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