About the IGCWG

GreenCriminology.org is the official homepage of the International Green Criminology Working Group (IGCWG). The IGCWG is a group of academic professionals, students, and others that practice Green Criminology and collaborate on projects and discussions.

The IGCWG was formed informally at the American Society of Criminology in November in 2010. The initial group meeting was organized by Rob White (University of Tasmania) and is composed of . The listserve began operaton in late 2010 and is housed at the University of Colorado Denver. In the summer of 2012 the IGCWG ran a Kickstarter campaign, developed by Vincent Lynch and Michael Lynch, to acquire funding to build this web site. With this website, the group is able to have a further reach within the environmental movement and a better platform for publishing and promoting their works.