Climate Change Deniers (Skeptics) and Denial Groups


By Michael J. Lynch, University of South Florida, FL


A number of individual deny the science of climate change and a number of groups have been formed to refute the science of climate change. As noted in another entry in this dictionary, 97% of scientists agree that climate change is happening and that it is induced by humans (Climate Change Consensus).

It is difficult to create a complete list of climate change deniers. In the US, many of the people on such a list are politicians (see, for example, this web page). Also, many climate deniers or skeptics are not scientists, and thus have little credibility when it comes to the postion they have taken on climate change. In addition to individuals, there are a number of organizations that play a role in denying the existence of climate change. Here, instead of attempting to create a list of such individuals and organizations, we refer you instead to two important sources for such information:

1. Source Watch’s Climate Denier’s page: Source Watch

2. Wikipedia’s “List of scientists opposing the mainstream scientific assessment of global warming” Wiki Deniers. While normally one might not refer to Wikipedia entries because of the secondary nature of these entries and issues surrounding editing of these pages, the Wiki entry on this subject is excellent and contains individuals not listed in the Source Watch reference materials. The Wiki entry attempts to restrict the discussion to scientists, and to qualify those scientists must also have at least one academic publication. While a one publication criteria is a low bar, this measure has at least some use in distinguishing climate deniers who can claims some scientific credentials from other climate deniers.

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