Global Greens (International Political Organization)


By Michael J. Lynch, University of South Florida, FL


Global Greens (website) is an international alliance of green parties from across the globe. It mission is to enforce the Global Green Charter. The organization currently has members from 91 countries and observer members from 18 additional nations. The group holds periodic Global Green Conferences.

The Global Green Charter was adopted by members in 2001. The Charter begins by noting that the Global Green recognize “that the dominant patterns of human production and consumption, based on the dogma of economic growth at any cost and the excessive and wasteful use of natural resources without considering Earth’s carrying capacity, are causing extreme deterioration in the environment and a massive extinction of species.” Following several other statements, the Charter lays out the core principles of the Global Greens. The three main principles are as follows: (1) that “we learn to live within the ecological and resource limits of the planet;” (2) “that we protect animal and plant life, and life itself that is sustained by the natural elements: earth, water, air and sun;” and (3) that “where knowledge is limited, that we take the path of caution, in order to secure the continued abundance of the resources of the planet for present and future generations.” Related principles in the Charter involve a commitment to social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, and sustainability.

Currently, Global Greens is comprised of four “Federations” of nations:

1. The African Green Federation, consisting of 30 member states;

2. The Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas, consisting of ten member states and 5 observer states;

3. The Asian-Pacific Green Federation, consisting of 14 member states and 4 associate member states; and

4. The European Green Party consisting of 37 member states and 9 observer states.

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