Pires, Stephen F.

Stephen F. Pires

Place of Work: Florida International University
Green Criminology; Situational Crime Prevention, Crime Mapping, Conservation Criminology, Wildlife Crime, Kidnapping for Ransom, International Crime
Homepage: http://cj.fiu.edu/people/faculty/stephen-pires/

Stephen F. Pires completed his graduate work at the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey under the mentorship of Dr. Ronald Clarke. Dr. Pires is an expert on the illegal wildlife trade with a particular focus on commonly poached species (i.e. hot products), illicit markets, and the organization of the illegal trade. In addition to his work on wildlife crime, Dr. Pires has published several articles on the topic of kidnapping for ransom. In the majority of his research, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is applied to understand how deviant behavior is clustered in space and time, and how GIS informs prevention policy.

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