Environmental Enforcement

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This portion of the links database provides access to government reports and public access sites that contain waste, enforcement and environmental compliance data and reports. These links are organized by country.

We would also recommend you visit this list of Criminology links that covers the entire field if you are looking for a broader pool of resources; including criminal law and federal policies, statistics, and other working groups.

Three major sites provide access to information on toxic waste, enforcement and compliance are available at the federal level. In addition to these resources, individual states also provide data accessible through state websites typically through each state department of environmental resources. Links to individual state’s are not provided here. For discussion of those data sources see: Ronald G. Burns and Michael J. Lynch, 2004, Environmental Crime: A Sourcebook, LFB Scholarly.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Environmental Law and Executive Order Summaries

Civil Enforcement Regulations and Data

Clean Up Enforcement Regulations and Data

Criminal Enforcement Data

Criminal Enforcement Data Page

Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO)

National Enforcement Trends Reports

Compliance Assurance and Enforcement Annual Reports

Compliance Assurance and Enforcement Annual Report Main Page

Clean Air Act

Clean Water Act, National Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

State Review Framework (SRF)


Right to Know Network -Data, Issues , News (RTKNET)

The Right to Know Network provides public access to environmental data and resources in the US. The Right to Know Network was established to fulfill the requirements of the 1989 Emergency Planning and Community Right to Known Act (EPCRA) which mandates public access to the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI). In addition to TRI access, RTKNET provides public access to:

(A) “Spill and Accident” information reported to the National Response Center (NRC) under the

Emergency Response Notification System (ERNS);

(B) Risk Management Plans (RMP) by local

and state governments and facilities;

(C ) Hazardous waste data or Biannual Reporting System (BRS) data on the generation, shipment and receipt of hazardous wastes;

(D) hazardous waste violations permit data collected under the authority of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and contained in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information System (RCRIS);
and under “other databases” access to CERCLIS (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Information System), TSCATS (Toxic Substances Control Act Test Submissions), FRS (the Facility Registration System), PCS (Permit Compliance System), ARIP (Accidental Release Information Program), and ICIS (Integrated Compliance Information System, former known as DOCKET).

In addition, the site also includes information on environmental issues, policy, legislation, science and advocacy.

Right To Know Network


An easily navigated site that combines environmental information from several sources. Scorecard provides a short cut to obtaining some of the information available on the US EPA website and RTKNET sites. This data may be used for research purposes, but may not always as current as data available directly from EPA or RTKNET. Scorecard data can be sorted by zip codes on its homepage. Scorecard also includes watershed and animal waste data.



Interactive map of U.S. Wildfires – Combines Google Maps with data from the Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group.

CRISCO Waste Data

Australian Government National Waste Report

Waste Report

Waste Policy