Our Supporters

The International Green Criminology Working Group received funding for our website through a crowd-sourcing site called Kickstarter.com. Crowd-sourcing is the process of seeking contributions – whether it be time, money, or service – from the public in order to complete a project.

Our Kickstarter campaign ran during the month of June, 2012, during which we raised 115% of our goal. The money we raised allowed us to build this site.

In order to show our thanks to our supporters, we have dedicated this page to those who contributed to our fund.

Friends of the IGCWG

Melissa Jarrell
Chip Burns
Tara Shelley
Andrew Franz
Avi Brisman
Piers Beirne
Mary Clifford
Michael Long
Mahesh Nalla
Lieselot Bisschop
Rob White
Danielle McGurrin
Michael J. Lynch
Paul Stretesky

Contributing Donors

Nigel South
Gohar Petrossian
Gary Potter
Elizabeth Cass
Jennifer Maher

Special Thanks To...

Marieke Kluin
Lorie Fridell
Hanneke Mol
Ragnhild Soullund
Nic Groomebridge
Tanya Wyatt
Melanie Wellsmith
Caroline Nobo
Lynn Vincentnathan
Rochelle Stevenson
Nuria Querol
Ken Mentor
Catherine Langell
Katherine Yerkes
Justin Shumate
Sally Burnette
CJ Leede

In total, 41 people contributed to our campaign. You can view our Kickstarter page here.